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Bike Tour Berlin


From €20

Explore the city of Berlin on a bike tour! City Bike Adventures Berlin has the best of everything. You'll get to see the famous monuments while your guide takes you a on a storytelling journey back in time.

The tour will cover the history about the founders of the city, the Prussian era, Nazi Germany and the division of East and West Berlin.

Amazing trip! The itinerary is put together well to see all the highlights of the East Coast in two weeks, while still having enough time to indulge in each city’s unique atmosphere.

Frank Plessers

The bus trips were excellent and traveling with a smaller group was far more fun then the larger tour groups. Got to see many things a long the way with plenty of stops. Would definitely recommend this trip. Made family and friends back home very jealous.

Luke Malynn
New Zealand

I could go on and on but I believe with other reviews, this company's reputation speaks for itself. Mahalo for a wonderful time. Aloha!

Florence James
United States