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Charles Bridge



One of the most iconic landmarks in Prague is the Charles Bridge. Built in the 14th century, walk the pedestrian only bridge and admire the gothic style and Baroque statues that line it.

For a great view of Prague from the bridge, climb the Charles Bridge towers. If you want the bridge all to yourself, it's best to go just before sunrise as market stalls and tourists will completely cover the bridge.

See more about this attraction here.

Amazing trip! The itinerary is put together well to see all the highlights of the East Coast in two weeks, while still having enough time to indulge in each city’s unique atmosphere.

Frank Plessers

This definitely one of the best tours I have done in a long time. In a space of 14 days you get to explore both islands and see the main attractions. Would not of been able to enjoy 14 days of New Nealand as much if I had did it On my own.

Luke Malynn
New Zealand

Tour was beyond what I expected. I did the 7 day Northern Voyager. Decent accommodations, knowledgable and friendly guide, modern transportation with usb charger and wifi. Lots of local attractions to enjoy and among wonderfully diverse company. Aloha!

Florence James
United States