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Nice Cathedral



Tucked into a corner of the Place Rossetti, and almost lost behind the crowds of diners in the afternoons, this beautiful cathedral is a reminder of what Nice used to be. It's Catholic roots extend back to the 1600's when it was a part of a principality in its own right.

The relics here are amongst the most valued in Europe, and the decoration was created to embrace the newly emerging style of glorifying God. Here they bring together so many styles of art and sculpture to create beauty magnified by presence.

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Nice Cathedral

Where do I start! Absolutely fantastic tour! The places are all breathtaking, postcard quality views around every corner. I am in love with New Zealand now and can’t wait to be back.

Melissa James

Had the most amazing tour in the south island. I was nervous about travelling solo the first time but such a small group of awesome people made it a great experience and I never felt like I was alone!

Isabella Durham

The itinerary was great, we got to see so much and even the driving days were fun because we got to stop off at so many beautiful and out of the way places.

Hayley Fraser