Epic adventure for 18 to 35 year olds

HOP Federation



Located in the idyllic region Riwaka near Nelson, HOP Federation creates one of New Zealand's favourite beers from hops locally grown within 100 kilometres of the brewery and malts from across New Zealand. The combination of local ingredients, traditional methods, artistry and passion delivers beers that capture the spirit and lifestyle of this special region.

The team at HOP Federation will introduce you to the subtleties and complexities of their beers by offering samples of each one. They offer in store tastings of everything in their range including the special one off brews or a limited seasonal beer.

See more about this activity provider here, however in order to ensure bookings work within your trip itinerary, please book directly with your guide on tour.

HOP Federation

Where do I start! Absolutely fantastic tour! The places are all breathtaking, postcard quality views around every corner. I am in love with New Zealand now and can’t wait to be back.

Melissa James

Had the most amazing tour in the south island. I was nervous about travelling solo the first time but such a small group of awesome people made it a great experience and I never felt like I was alone!

Isabella Durham

The itinerary was great, we got to see so much and even the driving days were fun because we got to stop off at so many beautiful and out of the way places.

Hayley Fraser