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24 Hours In Magnetic Island

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  September 07, 2018

8km off the coast of Townsville in Queensland lies the beautifully enthralling Magnetic Island. A true East Coast hotspot, here are just a handful of reasons why we couldn’t not include this island paradise, often lovingly referred to as Maggie Island, on our Wild Kiwi Australia itinerary.

Road trips in Australia - See the wonders of the east coast

Breakfast By The Beach

Making the most of island life definitely involves dining ocean-side at every opportunity. Soak in the natural beauty of your breath-taking surroundings and stunning sunrise. We’re sure it’ll be one of the most magical days on your Aussie road trip.

Immersive Yourself In Maggie Island’s Laid Back Lifestyle

With a super cool vibe and community spirit, Magnetic Island is home to creatives with an inspiringly positive outlook on life. Waking up to beautiful turquoise waters and gum trees occupied by dozing koalas is good for the soul. It won’t be long before you realise why the locals are so proud to call this beautiful island home.

Walk On The Wild Side

More than half of Magnetic Island’s 52sq km is National Park land. There are a series of spectacular walks and trails to wander and an array of wildlife to admire. The island is home to large koala and rock wallaby populations, these cute critters are certain to make your time here even more special.

Uncover Magnetic Island’s Military History

The island was an important strategic lookout point during the second world war. Although many military buildings are long gone, the fort walk is highly recommended. It will reveal some spectacular views across the Bowling Green Bay and Palm Island.

Enjoy The Turquoise Waters On Your Wild Kiwi Australia Tour

The waters surrounding Magnetic Island have a unique charm of their own. From snorkelling trails and diving the wreck of the SS Yongala, to fishing, kayaking, tube rides, wakeboarding and so much more. There’s a variety of ways to explore the beautifully warm Australian waters in your own way on your road trip.

Island walks in Australia - See natural sights as they were intended

Explore the magic of Magnetic Island on a Wild Australia adventure today!

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