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A Guide To Aussie Slang For Your Trip to Australia

By Louise Burton
on  July 25, 2019

“Scooner, Sheila, the Bottle-O, struth, what a ripper!” If this all sounds like a foreign language to you, you’re not alone.

While Australia’s most widely spoken language is English, the Aussie’s certainly have taken their own spin on it. And if you’re not ready for it, you may be caught unprepared with a lot of questions around meanings of words and phrases dropped casually into conversation with you.

But don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need to prepare yourself with Wild Kiwi’s guide to Aussie slang!

You’ll need to know these essential Australian sayings to help you nail the local lingo and settle smoothly into Oz adventures. Read on, learn, absorb, and be sure to listen out on your Australian adventures… here are 22 words translated from Australia Slang to English.

You’re welcome in advance!  

#1 Scooner

A small pint, can be of beer or cider. So you’ll ask for one of these at any pub or bar. Far more common than a pint. 

E.g “I’ll have one scooner of VB please mate.”

#2 Bottle-O

A liquor shop.

E.g “Just heading to the Bottle-O to pick up some beers and goon mate. You want anything?”

Wild Kiwi guests enjoying a beer

#3 Goon

Boxed wine. Cheap and classy (when you’ve finished, you can blow up the packaging and use it as a pillow…)

E.g. “I’m hungover AF, drank so much goon last night I lost my hotel room key and had to sleep in the corridor. Luckily, had my goon sack for a pillow.”

#4 Chuck a sickie 

Take a day off work to do something fun. 


Scottie: “We’re going sailing in the Whitsundays, wanna come?”

Emily: “Ah mate, I can’t, I have to work.”

Scottie: “Mate, just chuck a sickie, it won’t be the same without you!” 

#5 Dooner day

Taking a day to yourself, just kicking back on the couch with your dooner (duvet), and most likely a bag of chips (crisps).


Dave: “Mate, you coming kayaking on Sunday?”

Scottie: “Ah mate, Sunday is my dooner day. I think I’ve got man-flu coming on and really need one.”

#6 Dunny


E.g. “That curry was so spicy last night, I spent all morning on the dunny.”

#7 Crikey

Wow, an expression of surprise.

E.g. “Crikey! The colour of Lake Mackenzie was so beautiful, it blew my mind!”

Wild Kiwi guest enjoying Lake McKenzie

#8 Sheila

A woman, generally older.

E.g. “Ah that sheila who served us in the supermarket was nice.”

#9 Struth 

An exclamation of surprise or frustration. 


Scottie: “They ran out of VB at the liquor store, had to get you Carlton.”

Dave: “Struth, I’m in for a rough night!”

#10 Drongo

One of the best Australian insults meaning idiotic or stupid. 


Dave: “Noosa… is that in Western Australia?”

Scottie: “No you drongo! It’s in Queensland.”

#11 Chook

A chicken.

E.g. “You coming round for a roast mate? I put a chook in the oven.”

#12 Sook

A crybaby, or to sulk. 


Emily: “Is Scottie coming kayaking with us?” 

Dave: “Nah, he’s being a souk, he says he thinks he has man flu.” 

Wild Kiwi guests kayaking in Byron Bay

#13 Barbie 


E.g. “Throw another shrimp on the barbie mate, I’m hungry.”

#14 Esky 

A cool box, aka a chilly bin. 

E.g. “Scottie, chuck your beers in the Esky mate and come join us for a game of cricket.

#15 Fair dinkum 

Seriously? For real? Confirmation of the truth of something. 


Scottie: “Mate, flights to Hobart are only 50 bucks! ”

Dave: “Ah fair dinkum, we should go!” 

#16 Ripper

Good, amazing, great. 

E.g “We had an epic time hiking in the Blue Mountains, it was a ripper of a day!” 

#17 Slab

A 24 pack of beers (cans).

E.g. “Mate, when you’re at the Bottle-O, can you grab me a slab?”

#18 Stubbie holder

A beer holder, usually made of neoprene to help keep beer cold.

E.g. “You got a spare stubbie holder mate? My beer’s warming up.”

#19 Togs

Any kind of swimwear. Bikini, one-piece, board shorts, Speedos… all are known as togs.

E.g. “Get your togs on mate, we’re going to the beach.”

Wild Kiwi guests learning to surf at Byron Bay

#20 Sweet as

All good.


Scottie: “How was wine tasting in the Hunter Valley?”

Emily: “It was sweet as, I’ve never had wine that good!”  

#21 Servo

A gas station or petrol station


Scottie: “My petrol light just came on, can you check when the next servo is?”

Dave: “300 miles…”

#22 Tucker


E.g. “I’m hungry mate, gone through a whole slab tonight. I’ll need some tucker to soak that up.” 

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