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An Insider’s Guide To Byron Bay

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  September 14, 2018

Byron Bay is often referred to as Australia’s alternative capital for those seeking laid back vibes and a bohemian lifestyle. It’s really not difficult to see why Byron Bay is unwaveringly alluring. So, without spoiling anything, here’s a brief glimpse into what awaits you on the Byron leg of your Wild Kiwi Australia tour.

Waters of Byron Bay - Swim and surf

Catch Some Epic Waves At Dawn

If surfing is your jam, you are going to have the time of your life on an early morning surf in Byron Bay. Let’s be honest, there aren’t many better ways to welcome the beginning of a new day in one of the most spectacular places on earth.

Head To The Lighthouse On Your Wild Kiwi Australia Tour

Byron Bay’s lighthouse is an iconic landmark you must visit when you’re in town. The views alone are worth it, we promise!

Admire The Really Wild Wildlife

From majestic whales to playful dolphins, brush turkeys, wallabies and echidnas. Get ready to share your time in Byron Bay with the array of wildlife that calls this spectacular landscape home.

Those Sunsets, Though

Byron Bay beach at dusk is a beautiful place to be. Balmy Australian evenings bring some of the most incredible sunsets. Enjoy this colour sensation surrounded by a bunch of free spirits all celebrating the beauty of being alive. From fire twirling to interpretive dance parties, the inclusive atmosphere here is something special. It should be treasured and protected at all costs.

The Nightlife

With so many resident free spirits, you can already guess that the nightlife is pretty lit. From chilled out ocean-side catch ups with friends, to live music from every genre imaginable. We’re sure it won’t take you long to find your crowd in this truly unique coastal town.

All this and we haven’t even begun to cover the amazing eats, exhilarating activities (sky diving, anyone?!), chilled out yoga sessions or anything else that makes Byron Bay so unforgettable. So, you’ll just come and have to see for yourself!

Wild Kiwi Australia tours - See Byron Bay in the sunset

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