Will food be included on my holiday?

Breakfast is included each day on all of our trips. We include 1-3 free dinners depending on the trip you hop on. For the rest of the days, our drivers have awesome recommendations and know all the best spots!

How can I pay for my holiday?

By credit or debit card using your booking management page, mytourinfo.com, or see our bank details on the same page. All payments have to be made in NZD.

My friends are travelling the same week as me, will we be on the same tour vehicle?

Yes, if you give us enough notice, we’ll ensure you’re travelling with your friends! Get in touch and let us know their booking reference number.

Can I make an international transfer?

Yes. Do this either in your bank branch, or using your bank’s telephone banking facility. You must use our IBAN and SWIFT codes when making the transfer.

Can I hire an entire tour vehicle?

Yes this will be no problem at all – our vehicles accommodate a maximum of 19 passengers so for group bookings please email sales@wildkiwi.com

What type of people will be on my holiday?

Our trips attract 18 to 35 year-olds who want to experience the same things, adventure, scenery, fun and did we say adventure?? We have people from all over the world come and travel with us, perfect for making new friends.

How many people will be on my tour?

Our guides take up to 18 customers with them each week to keep the groups small, personal and much more fun!

Do I need to buy travel insurance?

Yes. We strongly recommend travel insurance in case of lost or damaged items or injury.

On which days do your holidays start and end?

Southern Voyager – Your holiday will kick-off at 9:30 am from CHC Airport where you will meet you driver guide and begin your adventure. Your tour will finish in the afternoon on day 7 – so if you are booking flights, make these for after 4 pm for domestic and 5pm for international flights.

NZ Discovery & Northern Trail – Be ready outside Jucy Headquarters on Fort St at 7:45 am or the Sky Tower at 7:55 am to join your epic NZ adventure. Your epic adventure will conclude on day 24 at 4 pm at Auckland Airport with city drop-offs afterward.

Auckland Day Tour – Jump on Kiwi (our beaut of a day trip vehicle) outside Base Hostel (corner of Queen St and Darby St) at 8:30 am or outside Nomad Hostel on Fort St at 8:45 am.

How easily will I have access to medical help / emergency services?

Your Tour Guide knows where to get access to medical help in every location and will be able to assist you in getting there as quickly as possible.

What should I pack for my holiday?

We recommend you bring walking shoes and a rain jacket all year around. In summer, bring your swimming gear, towel, summer clothes, flip-flops, light jacket and a jumper. In winter, make sure to pack a warm jacket and lots of layers – the South Island can get pretty chilly!

Is it safe to travel by myself?

Yes. New Zealand and Australia are very safe countries and the majority of our guests are solo travellers.  All our solo guests are well looked after by our experienced Tour Guides.

I am backpacking/returning home; can I bring all my luggage on board?

For the comfort of guests, we restrict luggage to 20kg per person. If you do have extra luggage you will need to contact us directly for a solution.

Are the tour vehicles secure?

Yes. Our tour vehicles are locked and alarmed at all times we leave the vehicles.

Is linen included for our trip?

We provide all the linen you need, including sheets, pillows and bath towels.

Do I need a visa to enter New Zealand or Australia?

New Zealand has a Visa Waiver Visitor Visa available to many countries, you can check by clicking the following link immigration.govt.nz . Find out everything you need to know about entering Australia through the following link australia.com We recommend you make sure your passport has at least six months before its expiry date.

How much spending money do I need?

Around NZ$60-NZ$100 (AU$55-AU$90) per day will be enough for food, drinks and spending money. Prices for extra excursions will be available in your pre-departure document.

What airlines fly to the origin city of my tour?

New Zealand

Christchurch: When flying domestically within New Zealand you can book flights from all cities. New Zealand has two domestic airlines, Air New Zealand and Jetstar. Christchurch is an international airport so you may be able to fly directly.

Auckland: When flying domestically within New Zealand you can book flights from all cities. New Zealand has two domestic airlines, Air New Zealand and Jetstar. Auckland is an international airport so you will be able to fly directly.


Sydney: Sydney Airport is international and you should not have a problem getting there with your chosen airline. If flying domestically, try Jetstar or Qantas.

Cairns: When flying domestically within Australia you can book flights from all cities.If flying domestically, try Jetstar or Qantas. Cairns is an international airport so you may be able to fly directly.

Can you cater for dietary requirements on board?

Yes. We will try our best to ensure there are sufficient alternative options for you. However, the range of specialist foods can be limited in certain areas, so do bring your favourite products along!

What currency do I need locally?

The currency in New Zealand is New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and the currency in Australia is (AUD). We recommend drawing out cash in small amounts during your holiday as there are many ATMs on our routes.

Can I bring my own food and drink on board?

Yes, Wild Kiwi is happy to allow you to bring drinks and snacks on board. There are shops at most of our destinations so you can replenish your supplies.

What is not included?

Spending money, visas, travel insurance, extra activities and excursions. Dinner isn’t included so you can choose from the range of restaurants and bars on offer at each of our destinations – or ask your tour guide to recommend their favourites.

Where can I view whether my payment has been made?

On your mytourinfo.com page. Credit or Debit card payments will appear immediately, while bank transfers will take up to two days to show. If it fails to show, let us know the date of payment, the amount paid and the reference used so we can track it.

Can our group members pay separately?

Yes. You must all use the group booking reference when making a payment.

Can I get an invoice for my holiday?

Yes, please email sales@wildkiwi.com for a copy, or download your booking confirmation on your mytourinfo.com page under Guest Details.

What are the charges for international transfers?

Around NZ$15 – NZ$20 (AU$14-AU$18). Please make sure this cost is covered in your payment.

Are mountain ski passes included?

You can choose when or where you want to ski, day ski passes are from $66.

Is ski and snowboard equipment and clothing included?

No, however we have some great relationships and discounts with suppliers in Queenstown, after you check in we will stroll 2 minutes down the road and get you sorted with all the gear you may need.

Is transport up the mountain included?

Yes we will take you up the mountain each day and our guides will hang with you to make sure you have everything you need / take you on some epic runs!

I’m new to skiing or boarding, will you teach me?

Our guide will make sure you have all the right gear and teach you the basics – a lesson from a ski/board instructor is recommended and we will help you book this

I’m a next level skier / boarder, will I be bored?

No way! Our guides will give you a run for your money and if they can’t keep up they’ll point out the places you should be shredding!