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15 Things You’ll Learn In New Zealand

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  April 28, 2018

Spoiler: they’re all great things because, well, because it’s New Zealand!

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New Zealanders Are Brilliant

Everything good you’ve ever heard about New Zealanders is one million percent true.

You’ll Develop A Whole New Respect For Rugby

It probably won’t be long before you’re 100% invested, with a favourite team and everything.

New Zealand Chocolate Is Actually Amazing

It’s got to be something to do with NZ’s incredible milk.

Lorde Is Mega Famous

And she’s gotta be on your road trip playlists.

Kiwis And Kiwi Fruits Are Very Different

Kiwi is used to describe the bird and New Zealanders, but never the fruit! You definitely don’t want to eat a kiwi. Speaking of kiwis…

Meeting A Kiwi During New Zealand Holidays Is The Best

These small, flightless birds are endearingly sweet and meeting one is incredibly special.

What ‘Yeah-Nah’ Means

Sometimes it means sometimes, other times it means maybe, never, or possibly. You’ll catch on quickly though, it’s all about tone and context.

Whether You Like Feijoas

We’ve heard these small fruits described in a variety of ways, including tasting ‘like a scented candle’, and ‘soapy citrus’. Encased in a creamy-coloured flesh is a jelly-like centre and New Zealand holidays just aren’t complete without giving one a try.

There Really Is A LOT Of Sheep

There are more sheep than people, not even exaggerating.

The Brunch Culture is A+

If you’re a brunch person, you’re going to adore New Zealand. And if you’re not a brunch person, New Zealand will turn you into one.

The Coffee Is pretty Unbeatable, Too

Best. Coffee. Ever.

Wellington Is Known As ‘Windy Welly’ For A Reason

And, the wind doesn’t stop Wellington from being one of the world’s coolest capitals though.

The Wildlife Is Stunning

New Zealand is a dream for every wildlife lover. Check out dolphins, kea, and tuatara, which are known as ‘the living dinosaur’.

Getting Bored Is Literally Impossible


You’re Always Approximately 10 Minutes Away From Somewhere Breathtaking

There are views for days. Bring your camera, you’re going to need it!

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