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Find out how we are protecting the environment and ecosystems in Aotearoa

Sustainability and Conservation are the #1 priority here in Aotearoa.
At Wild Kiwi, we are committed to showcasing the best of New Zealand in its most beautiful form. We do this by protecting and giving to the environment and ecosystems that thrive in our country.

We use sustainable tourism practices that minimise our environmental footprint and actively contribute to the conservation and enhancement of the places we visit. We are committed to preserving it for generations to come.

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Our Vision

Wild Kiwi envisions sustainability as a crucial part of our operations, driven by a commitment to the natural environment, supporting local communities and aspiring our travellers to engage with the world around them.

We aim to demonstrate that tourism can be sustainable by balancing the thrill of exploration with committing to environmental responsibility.

Sustainability Initiatives

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One of our leading initiatives is our partnership with Rotorua Canopy Tours, where we promote eco-friendly adventures that support local conservation efforts.

We actively strive to participate in Rotorua Canopy Tours' Conversation efforts by directly contributing to the protection of native forests and the reintroduction of endangered bird species, like wild kiwi birds.

We pride ourselves in creating a greener tomorrow, aligning with our vision of leaving a positive impact. Click here to learn more about the conservation project.

We also provide KeepCups on all our buses for guests to use, helping to reduce the reliance on single-use plastic cups.

The Tiaki Promise

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New Zealand holds a special place on our planet, and preserving its natural beauty is our top priority.

From the outset, our mission has been to nurture both our communities and the environment, aligning with and advocating for The Tiaki Promise.

We've reduced our carbon emissions by adopting fuel-efficient vehicles and closely monitoring fuel usage. Our drivers are incentivized to follow eco-friendly practices, ensuring your journey is as environmentally responsible as possible.

We pride ourselves on being a fully paperless office, and we prioritize responsible waste management during our operations.

We are continuously exploring new opportunities and are committed to ongoing improvement in our sustainability initiatives.

We have committed to the TIA Sustainability Commitment and are prioritising working with suppliers who have the same commitments.

We encourage our guests to travel responsibly with Wild Kiwi and to commit to The Tiaki Promise to care for New Zealand, for now, and for future generations.

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