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3 Ways To Explore Franz Josef Glacier

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  April 21, 2017

You know when people talk about unmissable experiences and ultimate adventures? Well, the Franz Josef Glacier on New Zealand’s South Island is absolutely, definitely one of those things. There’s a reason why the Glacier constantly finds its way on to best of South Island New Zealand lists. It’s a bit like stepping into Narnia, only better!

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See The Best Of South Island New Zealand From Above

You’ll see the best views of the spectacular ice falls, brilliant blue ice fields and concealed ice caves. You’ll also experience live commentary from your experienced pilot, who will point out the most breath-taking parts of the glacier and will make sure you get some great snaps that you can look back on to remember every part of your icy adventure.

Grab Your Hiking Boots!

The view from above is spectacular, but so is the view from the glacier itself. Stepping foot on to solid ice and looking at the frozen landscape stretching for miles around you really is out of this world incredible. Depending on your level of experience there are a number of different hiking options, from relaxing valley walks to adrenaline inducing ice climbs. Most guided hikes will also include entry to the Glacier Hot Pools, which is the best way to end the best day in this frozen landscape.

The Glacier Heli-Hike

Yep. This is exactly what it sounds like. The best of both worlds! Not only will you experience a thrilling helicopter ride above the ridiculously picturesque mountainous terrain, you’ll land right on the glacier and be taken on a guided hike through unspoilt, awe-inspiring scenery. You’ll see incredible natural ice formations and panoramic views that you’ll struggle to believe are actually real. And yes, your selfie game will be 10/10.

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