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4 Reasons Why Hot Water Beach Is Unforgettable

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  November 22, 2017

Hot Water Beach in the Coromandel area of New Zealand’s North Island is one of those must-visit locations. And, there’s simply nowhere else quite like it. Both locals and tourists can’t resist the lure of this spectacular geothermal attraction. Here are a few reasons why you will also fall in love with it on your New Zealand holidays.


Well, Where Else Can You Dig Your Own Hot-Water Spa Pool?

Two hours either side of high tide is the perfect time to see actual hot water bubbling its way up through the sand. It’s really quite an incredible sight. Borrow a spade to dig yourself your very own hot-water spa pool. Sit back and relax as you soak in the views while submerging yourself in the calming natural spring waters. Magical!


Make Some Memories Out On The Ocean

With excellent surfing conditions, if you feel like hitting the waves, go for it! There are also designated swimming areas if surfing isn’t your thing. Primarily designed to keep you away from any strong currents, allowing you to have the best time in the ocean!

The Views Are Epic

Let’s be honest – everywhere in New Zealand is pretty spectacular. But, watching the sun rise up from the water and light up the beach is a truly magical way to begin the day.


Make A Day Of It On Your New Zealand Holidays

Theres plenty to enjoy in the area. With delicious cafés and eateries with menus full of tempting treats to enjoy to nearby galleries and shops to wander around in. Hot Water Beach is an ideal day trip for absolutely everyone.

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