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4 Reasons Why The Lord Of The Rings Movies Were Filmed In New Zealand

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  August 18, 2017

New Zealand was the location for The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. And, here are just a few reasons why we reckon it was the perfect choice! Oh, and why you should definitely look into booking that New Zealand road trip, because you’ll probably want to see these things for yourself!

Well, Have You SEEN The Landscape Of New Zealand?!

The golden grasses and snowy mountains make the Mackenzie country a beautiful sight in winter.

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It sounds like an obvious point but seriously, there’s something about New Zealand’s landscape that somehow reflects Middle Earth perfectly. So much so, it can’t be captured in photographs, just know NZ is even more special than the pictures suggest. For real.

Absorb The Unique Atmosphere On Your New Zealand Road Trip

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The untouched, natural beauty of New Zealand is unbeatable. There’s a certain sense of unfamiliarity that comes from spending time in a place so unlike any other adds to its pure and almost ethereal atmosphere. We know we sound a little bit like proud parents with all this praise, we just really love New Zealand, okay?!

A Sense Of The Fantastical In Something Very Real

Sweeping hills, unique volcanic activity and breathtakingly beautiful wildlife effortlessly merge magic with reality. Travelling through New Zealand almost feels like a dream, like you’re walking through somewhere that shouldn’t be real but totally is in the best possible ways.

The Landscape’s Natural Colour Palette

There’s something undeniably special about the way blue skyscapes are broken up by jagged silvery grey mountains. And how the neutral colour palette merges into rich green forest land peppered with brightly coloured wild flowers and grey blue streams. New Zealand’s glacial lakes are honestly an exceptional shade of blue too. There are even caves illuminated by thousands of glow worms almost mimicking the galaxies and constellations of the night sky, and bright white glaciers home to constantly shifting ice trails stretched for miles around.

But that’s only the beginning…

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