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4 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Blowhole Walk Around Pancake Rocks In Punakaiki

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  June 13, 2018

The Blowhole walk itself may only take around 20 minutes, but you’ll remember this part of your New Zealand road trip for far, far longer. Accessible to all and gloriously impressive, here’s a few reasons why we had to include this awesome feat of nature in the itinerary.

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These Intriguing Formations Look Like, Well, Giant Pancakes

Around 30 million years ago, intense water pressure caused fragments of plant life, dead marine creatures, mud and clay to be solidified in both soft and hard layers. As a result, seismic activity elevated the rocks above sea level where wind, waves and mild acidic rain sculpted them into shapes. Known famously today as Pancake Rocks.

The Blowholes Are A Super Impressive Sight

In the right conditions, ocean swells rush into the caverns that exist underneath the rocks. The pressure created propels great fountains of water through the blowholes and up into the air. Best viewed at high tide, time it just right and you’ll snap some pretty incredible images during your trip!

Peek Into The Devil’s Cauldron

You’ll quickly see why this surge pool has earned its Devil’s Cauldron moniker. Waves rush in from the ocean channel and its difficult to believe there isn’t a potion of sorts being brewed inside! We’re pretty sure you’ll never fully shake the feeling of the unique atmosphere that envelops every visitor upon arrival.

Soak In Stunning Views On Your New Zealand Road Trip

Regardless of the weather, the spectacular skyscapes, seascapes and landscapes of the stunning Punakaiki region are always impressive. As conditions here are often perfect for a rainbow, its the ultimate added touch for your snapshots and selfies. We reckon this is truly a very special part of the world.

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