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5 New Zealand Beers To Enjoy During Your Road Trip

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  March 01, 2018

Sampling some of the local fare is one of the best parts of every holiday and so, as New Zealand is home to more than 100 different breweries, here are a few of the most tempting beers that you can look forward to cracking open during your Wild Kiwi Tour.

Enjoy The Unrivalled Uniqueness Of 8 Wired

If you consult any ‘Best of New Zealand beers’ list, it’s safe to assume a number of those spots will be occupied by this exceptionally unique brewery. Some favourites include the super-sour Gypsy Funk and the curiously alluring Flat White Coffee Milk Stout. If you can appreciate an array of interesting flavours, you will get on very well with 8 Wired.

Sample Some Epic Beer On Your Wild Kiwi Tour

Epic’s range is bursting with variety, so much so that there is sure to be at least one that calls your name. From the ultra-dark flavours of Imperium to the tropical aroma of Magic Dust, Epic is a brewery not to be overlooked.

Fight For Your Right To A Yeastie Boys’ Beer

After a little chuckle at the very punny name, you definitely won’t regret sampling some of their hugely popular offerings. The smoky flavour of Rex Attitude is rich and sumptuous, a palette challenger that beer connoisseurs will undoubtedly savour.

Garage Project

The team at Garage Project are fairly new to the beer scene. And, they’ve already made a wildly positive first impression. Try a Mutiny on the Bounty for toasted coconut and vanilla flavours. Equally important is sampling a burst of complex chilli heat from a Triple Day of the Dead, which is aged in tequila barrels.

The Always Experimental Monteith’s Brewery

Whether you choose to tour Monteith’s brewery or simply order one of their beers, you’re definitely in for a treat. The pipes of this brewery were once accidentally blocked by a thick concoction of chocolate stout. So, when they say they like to experiment, they really mean it!

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