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5 Reasons Why It Pays To Be Spontaneous On Your Wild Kiwi Adventure

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  February 11, 2018

Although we love putting together the itineraries for our road trips, we also think that some flexibility is key to having the adventure of a lifetime! Here’s a few reasons why.

You Never Know Where Your Adventure Will Take You

From last-minute trips to soak in the sunset from the top of the Sky Tower to early morning paddle board adventures, New Zealand is a place of constant opportunities. And, you really can’t ever be sure of the surprises hiding around the next corner.

Or Who You’ll Meet

As well as visiting some spectacular places and trying new things, part of the magic of backpacking in New Zealand is the people you’ll meet along the way. Allow yourself to be guided by the notion that anything is possible. Whether you run into a paragliding expert or meet someone who can take you through the constellations of the southern hemisphere’s night sky, there’s a good chance that the universe is pointing you in the direction of your next new opportunity!


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Backpacking In New Zealand Presents A Plethora Of Opportunities

In a country where you can be swimming with dolphins in the Bay of Islands one day and dancing the night away in Auckland the next, sometimes it’s best to let the mood guide you toward your next adventure.

You Might Discover A New Love

If you go surfing, snorkelling, or paddle boarding for the first time during your adventure, fall head over heels for it and want to do it as often as possible throughout your trip, we say go for it! Your backpacking adventure will be what you make of it and if you discover a new passion along the way, even better!

You’ll Be Open To New Experiences

Even the best plans can’t ever account for everything, and if you’re open to a bit of flexibility it’s likely that you’ll be more resilient if your plans fall through, and more open to the possibility of trying things you may never have otherwise considered.

New Zealand adventures that you embrace entirely - Mix things up with different activities

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