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5 Reasons To Bungee On Your New Zealand Adventure

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  September 11, 2017

New Zealand is the official home of the bungee jump and although it might be one of the scariest, adrenaline-inducing activities you’ll ever do, here are five reasons why you should bungee on your Wild Kiwi Tour.

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1. Fears…What Fears?

While you may not think that conquering the bungee can help you face other fears in life, knowing you’ve stood on that platform and taken that leap of faith seems to make all future challenges way easier to tackle. Feeling scared sometimes is a normal and natural reaction and while nothing will ever permanently erase it from your range of emotions, you will emerge from your bungee with a newly discovered ability to better manage your fears.

2. Trust

The amount of professional accreditation and maintenance that goes into every element of bungee jumping is meticulous, with no detail left unchecked. Your safety is always the number one priority, and learning to put your trust in both yourself to make the right decision for you and the people around you who have got your back is a hugely freeing feeling.

3. Those Views, Though!

New Zealand boasts some of the world’s most epic landscapes, and seeing them from a bird’s eye perspective as you, quite literally, fly through the sky is ridiculously incredible.

4. A Feeling Of Accomplishment

Whether you’ve wanted to do something for five minutes or 25 years, the feeling of accomplishment once you’ve done it never gets old and there’s something about bungee jumping that leaves a lasting sense that you can take on the world and succeed, regardless of what’s standing in your way.

5. Make Your Wild Kiwi Tour An Adventure Of A Lifetime

As much as we love lounging by the ocean or having a few quiet-ish drinks in a local bar, packing in as many activities as possible is also our jam. What can we say? We’re all about the variety here! We’re determined to ensure you have the time of your life and if you’re up for including a bungee in there, we’re all about that adventurous life!

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