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5 Extraordinary Things To Do In Wellington

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  October 07, 2017

Perhaps unsurprisingly, New Zealand’s capital harbours plenty of weird and wonderful things to do. And,  Wild Kiwi Tour is a truly unique experience that you won’t ever forget.

Crazy things to see and do in Wellington - Lose yourself in New Zealand's capital

Meet The Colossal Squid At The Te Papa Museum

New Zealand’s national museum is indeed home to a plethora of interesting and wonderful exhibits. You’ll learn everything you need to know about New Zealand’s history, art and wildlife. Arguably the most impressive is the world’s only complete example of a colossal squid. And believe it or not, it weighs a mighty 500kg and has eyes the size of footballs!

See Old Bank Arcade’s Musical Clock

Although now a shopping centre, there’s at least one reminder of the old Bank of New Zealand’s former life. Every hour this charming musical clock opens and reveals vignettes from the local area throughout history, giving viewers the chance to pause and reflect on everything that has happened in the place they are currently standing. Impressive, right?!

New Zealand’s National Tattoo Museum

Whether you’re partial to a bit of ink or would like to learn more about the history of tattooing, we recommend paying a visit to this small, not for profit museum. You’ll learn more about traditional Maori tattoo art, the tools and techniques used for different styles, and see a variety of artefacts and beautiful illustrations taking you through the history of this important cultural practice.

Wander Around Wrights Hill Fortress On Your Wild Kiwi Tour

Wrights Hill Fortress is a 1940s circular artillery embankment comprising of a series of long, slightly eerie underground tunnels. Peter Jackson used the tunnels to create audio for scenes depicting the Mines of Moria. So, if you want to hear what a dwarven mine sounds like in person, this is your place!

Enjoy A Junk Yard Themed Round Of Mini Golf At Carlucciland

Above all, this is easily one of Wellington’s most inimitable attractions. Admire an array of incredible sculptures, from tiny kiwis to giant spiders, and weave around one of the most eclectic mini golf courses you’ll probably ever encounter!

Brilliant tours of New Zealand with Wild Kiwi - Weird and wonderful sights to see

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