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6 Breath-Taking Experiences You’ll Have In New Zealand

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  June 28, 2017

They say a trip to New Zealand can be life changing and we can’t wait to show you why on your New Zealand road trip!

Hike through stunning New Zealand scenery - Walk gorges and glaiers

1. The Other Worldly Franz Josef Glacier

You can’t go to New Zealand without seeing a glacier, it just wouldn’t be right! With this in mind, why not take to the skies for a draw-dropping helicopter ride. And after that, hike through some of the most stunning scenery you’ll ever encounter.

2. Marvel At The Natural Beauty Of Milford Sound

We promise your time in the UNESCO protected Milford Sound will be unforgettable. As well as being surrounded by waterfalls and rainforests, it’s home to an array of wildlife including fur seals, dolphins and penguins. People often tear up at the stunning views, it’s really that special – don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of tissues on hand!

3. Majestic Mount Cook

The tallest peak in the Southern Alps, and where Sir Edmund Hillary practised his skills in preparation for his Everest adventure. So, from mountain walks to elite mountaineering, there’s a way to enjoy this spectacular part of the world whatever your fitness or experience level.

4. Bathe In The Beauty Of The Bay Of Islands

The views throughout this sub-tropical dream destination are something you won’t ever forget. From here you can practise your paragliding skills, scuba dive and even go swimming with dolphins. Total dream come true.

5. Chill In Coromandel On Your New Zealand Road Trip

Journeying to the Coromandel Peninsula is like stepping straight into paradise. If picturesque beaches and crystal-clear shimmering turquoise waters weren’t enough, you can even dig a hole in the sand at the hot water beach and relax in the hot thermal spring water!

6. Wondrous Waitomo

The rolling green hills of Waitomo are spectacularly beautiful, but it’s the incredible labyrinthine caves that really steal the show. Some of the caves are famous for their stunning stalactites and stalagmites. Whereas others are known for being home to thousands of glow-worms which illuminate the walls and will take your breath away.

Unforgettable New Zealand trip options - Tips for travellers of all dispositions

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