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6 Reasons Why You Should Travel When You’re A Student

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  July 16, 2018

Working hard is important but student life shouldn’t all be about late-night library sessions or early morning lectures. So, here are six reasons why now is the perfect opportunity to let us tempt you with our New Zealand holidays.

Student holidays in New Zealand - Make the most of your free time between terms

Make The Most Of Those Long Mid-Term Breaks

As soon as you graduate and enter the world of work, you aren’t going to have as much free time. With that next big life step on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to embrace a travel adventure of a lifetime and live each second to the fullest!

It’s All About Those Student Discounts

Raise your hand if your discount card is one of your prized possessions. Trust us, you’ve got to get those deals while you can, so whip out that ID at every opportunity. And yes, even if your pic is totally tragic.

Embrace Your Chance To Travel With Your Pals

Barring any pesky part-time jobs, you and your mates are likely all free at the same time which is an added bonus. Combine that with the fact you’ve worked hard and totally deserve a break. Did someone say HOLIDAY?!

Independence And New Experiences

Giving yourself the chance to see and experience new things on your own terms is going to teach you things you could never learn through a textbook or a lecture.

There’s Not Much Holding You Back

Although definitely pretty exciting, starting your career and signing up for long-term living situs etc. can make travelling a bit tricky. While it’s totally possible to embrace new adventures any time in life, your situation now makes everything just that little bit easier. And if that’s not a good excuse, we don’t know what is!

Your New Zealand Holidays Are Going To Be LIT

NZ is totally the best place in the world. True story. And if you don’t believe us, why don’t you come and see for yourself?

Sunsets in New Zealand - Holidays for students who want to explore

Drop the obligations and book your awesome Wild Kiwi adventure while you’re still free as a bird!

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