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7 Reasons Why New Zealand’s Fergburger Might Just Be the Best In The World

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  January 18, 2018

There have been many attempts to succinctly summarise precisely what it is that makes the Fergburger experience so much better than any of its closest rivals. Seriously, a quick Google search will present you with countless thoughts, reviews and think pieces. Although a variety of different conclusions have been reached, one thing is certain: no trip to New Zealand is ever complete without sampling some.

1) Okay, So You’ll Probably Have To Queue, BUT…

…The Fergburger team will always let you know precisely how long you’ll have to wait. Like, down to the minute. You’re probably looking at about an hour, but queue times are typically slightly less before 9am if you’re a super keen bean, or around 2pm if you don’t mind partaking in a late but oh-so-worth-the-wait lunch.

2) It’s A Rite Of Passage In Queenstown

You can’t NOT go, you know? It’s practically mandatory at this point.

3) There’s Something For Everyone

Whether the Little Lamby, the Codfather, the Cockadoodle Oink, or the Holier Than Though spicy tempura tofu burger catches your eye, there’s sure to be something that will make your taste buds practically sing with joy. There’s even a Bun Laden on the menu, and we’ll leave you for a few moments to think about what to do with that particular piece of information.


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4) It’s Very Instagrammable

The #fergburger hashtag is currently more than 32,000 images strong.

5) That Flavour, Though

You know that noise Homer Simpson makes when he thinks about food? You’ll probably make it just before your first bite of a Fergburger.

6) Rumour Has It They Can Prevent And/Or Cure A Hangover

Now although we cannot attest to this fact, there must be a reason why they’re open from 8am to 5am. Just sayin’.

7) Treat Yo’ Self On Your Trip To New Zealand

Dedicated Parks and Rec fans will know that the official treat yo’self day takes place on October 13th but, between you and I, it’s actually every day on a New Zealand road trip.

Wonderful times in New Zealand - Eat and drink and stay chilled

Have we got you drooling over a Fergburger yet? Hit New Zealand this summer on our South Island Tour and chow down!

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