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8 Reasons Why Spring Time In New Zealand Is Incredible

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  March 09, 2018

Spring time in New Zealand occurs from September to November and the largely temperate climate means that although spring can bring both chilly and warm conditions, with a little bit of knowledge you will be able to prepare incredibly well for your Wild Kiwi Tour.

Holidays in New Zealand - Visit in the spring

The Weather Is Ideal

Neither too warm or too cold, daytime spring time temperatures typically range between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius. It will get chillier in the evenings, so remember to pack some warm jumpers or sweaters for your post-sunset shenanigans.

And The Days Are Long

With so much to pack in, this is SO important!

See Lots Of Adorable Lambs On Your Wild Kiwi Tour

You’ll have the chance to see lots of these little white cuties frolicking happily in fields just before sunset. So adorable!

There Typically Aren’t Many Tourists Around

So you won’t find yourself having to battle against the crowds at some of New Zealand’s more popular locations. Always a plus!

A Floral Delight

As New Zealand’s landscape begins to awaken after a chilly winter, floral blooms begin to spring up across the country, introducing splashes of vibrant colour into the country’s already spectacular scenery.

Something For The Adventurous

Spring is generally regarded as one of the best seasons for white water rafting, as the winter mountain snow begins to melt and fills nearby rivers with pretty epic rapids.

Every Photographer’s Dream Come True

Whether you’re a serious pro or an enthusiastic amateur snapper, a New Zealand spring is the ideal time to expand your portfolio and capture memories of your adventure that will last a lifetime. The waters of Lake Tekapo sparkle in the spring sunshine and the snow-topped Mount Cook somehow looks extra special at this time of year.

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