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8 Reasons Why You Should Travel NZ Solo

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  March 28, 2017

If you’ve been dreaming about a New Zealand road trip but don’t have a travel buddy, here are eight reasons why that shouldn’t stop you!

Kiwi Tours - The advantages of taking a solo trip to New Zealand

1. Just Be You!

No baggage. No expectations. Just you, a beautiful country, and the people you have yet to meet.

2. Push The Boundaries Of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t think you’re the sort of person who could ever do a tandem skydive? Or go white water rafting with people you’ve just met? Or sit next to a stranger on the bus and strike up a conversation? Well, New Zealand might just surprise you!

3. The People

New Zealander’s are laid back and super friendly. They’ll know all the best things to see and places to eat, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask. You’ll soon find yourself deep in conversation with someone who might even become your new BFF.

4. Hello Freedom

Fancy treating yourself to a posh dinner? Or staying up all night dancing before watching the sunrise from the beach? Well, you can!

5. It’s Safe

New Zealand is one of the world’s safest countries, with regulated travel operators and reliable transport. And, you’re smart. You’ve got this!

6. Get To Know Yourself

The hub of everyday life can be distracting but if there’s something at the back of your mind telling you to travel, we’ve got three words for you. Make. It. Happen.

7. New Zealand Road Trip: Not Just A Holiday

New Zealand is a bustling, beautiful and exciting place. You can relax on warm sandy beaches before bungee jumping and hiking through one of the most spectacular landscapes on earth, all whilst learning new things that will be useful throughout the rest of your life.

8. A Lifetime Of Memories

Yes, once you’ve done it it’s absolutely okay to look back on your past self and be proud that you had the courage and the motivation to do something for yourself, just because you wanted to!

New Zealand Adventures - Visitng vibrant places and making memories

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