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8 Reasons Why Group Tours Are Better Than Planning Your Own Itinerary

By Louise Burton
on  November 18, 2019

When it comes to adventure planning, you’ve got options; from solo travel to group travel, planning all the details yourself to letting someone else do all the hard work (with no responsibility but to just turn up on day one).

How you choose to soak up a destination is always a personal choice, but if you’re a sociable soul looking for like-minded travelers and off the beaten track experiences, a group tour will be everything you’re looking for and more.

In this blog post, we’ve highlighted 8 reasons why group tours are better than planning your own itinerary, to help you understand just what motivates us to create New Zealand, Australia and Europe adventures for you to run wild and free on. 

1. Remove all the planning work

Whether you’re off on an adventure with only two or three weeks to spare, or you’re headed off on a gap year adventure, you’ll want to make the most of every hour and every minute. Booking yourself onto a group tour will remove all the work of planning your adventures. If you’re planning to travel for an extended length of time, why not mix up solo travel with some group travel to really get stuck into a destination before embarking on those go-with-the-flow moments?

Kayaking in Abel Tasman with Wild Kiwi

2. Letting your expectations run wild

Planning everything to the last detail can leave you beginning to form an opinion of the trip and places, all before even packing your backpack. Which isn’t fun. While you’re escaping everyday life to escape living in a plan, somehow those patterns followed you. And you’ve wound up living in a one or two-week plan, which you took hours creating at home in the little spare time you had to begin with… A group tour will relieve any stresses around planning and logistics while travelling. All you need to do is read the itinerary, get inspired, feel the wanderlust, book, pack and turn up on day one! Let your group tour leader guide your adventure from then on.  

3. Off-the-beaten-track experiences

On a group tour, the itinerary is handled by the company running the tour. Meaning that it’s planned by people are experts on the region. Along with the well-known places, the know the best off-the-beaten track places to take you for a truly local and unique experience. Some of these places would be tricky to find if it weren’t for your epic local team organising the trip. If you’d like to know a few of our favourite hush-hush spots in New Zealand, check out our blog post: Off The Beaten Track: Wild Kiwi’s Favourite Hush-Hush Spots Revealed 

Franz Josef with Wild Kiwi

4. Helping budget finances easily

Travelling can be a confusing experience when it comes to budgeting. Prices are constantly changing on the ground and there’s no way to know if somewhere will have availability if you’re planning accommodation based on pricing. On a group tour, you’ll pay for all the essentials before you go. There are no additional extras included in that price to ensure you’re only paying for the optional extras that you want to do. You’ll be able to budget for the activities that interest you the most by reading the trip itinerary prior to departing – which will probably double up as your bucket list of adrenaline activities

5. Like-minded Travellers

One of the best bits about a group tour is your instant group of mates! Wild Kiwi trips are for 18-35-year-olds, meaning you’ll be grouped with people who share your same craving for adventures, wild places and good craft beer – with plenty of smiles to go with it. 

Wild Kiwi group in New Zealand

6. See more in less time

Only have two weeks? Or you’ve been taking it slow for a couple of months and now you want to ramp up the adventure pace? Group tours are jam-packed with activities, always including those golden off-the-beaten-track spots.  

7. Reliable Transport

On Wild Kiwi group tours, the vehicles are not only reliable but also comfortable and modern Mercedes Sprinter vans. New Zealand and Australia are full of unimaginable distances and remote regions that really can’t be comprehended until you’re there, driving on a never-ending winding road in the back end of nowhere frantically wondering where your next gas fill will come from. Let your tour guide worry about that stuff while you check out the epic scenery. 

Wild Kiwi luxury vehicle

8. Pick of the accommodation

When it comes to group tours, all your accommodation is already booked. And popular companies have the pick of the best as they usually have deals with some of the sought after, quirky and best-reviewed accommodation. Because they bring them so much business, these accommodations favour the tour companies. And because they are tried and tested time and again, you’re sure to be in clean, comfortable and safe accommodation.  

Considering a group tour? Check out Wild Kiwi itineraries in New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

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