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6 Amazing Health Benefits of Surfing

By James Baker
on  September 11, 2018

Grabbing a surfboard and heading out to ride some waves is a gloriously freeing experience, it also has a bunch of health benefits. So, if you choose to take to your board on your New Zealand road trip, here are some of the amazing things you’ll be doing for your mind and body in the process.

Why go surfing - Boost your body with a dip in New Zealand

Keep Your Heart Healthy

If you were to compile a list of the best cardiovascular workouts, surfing would be at the very top. Paddling out requires a fair amount of upper body strength, and riding the wave back with precision utilises almost every muscle in the lower body.

Soak In That Precious Vitamin D

As our bodies don’t produce their own Vitamin D without sun exposure, it’s super important to make sure your body is getting as much as it needs to keep you and your bones healthy. Vitamin D also optimises your skin’s immune system, regulates your calcium and phosphorus levels, and helps your body fight disease.

Build And Tone Your Muscles

Surfing is a full body workout that more than rivals sweating it out in the gym for a few hours.

Say Goodbye To Stress On Your New Zealand Road Trip

Working out is a great stress reliever in general, but there’s something about riding the ocean waves that can take your mind off anything that has been worrying you. If you’re feeling lost, confused, worried or upset, surfing will give you the space, the perspective, and the freedom to do what you need to do to alleviate whatever is weighing you down.

Improve Your Balance And Flexibility

Strengthening your muscles and joints will improve your balance and flexibility, and help you to avoid picking up any pesky injuries.

Enhance Your Perception And Awareness

When surfing, your body is only half the equation. Feeling the waves beneath your feet will give your mind a workout on both a conscious and a subconscious level. It will also enhance your mental acuity and help you to feel more in sync with your body and the world around you.

Take to the waves in New Zealand - Surfing on a road trip

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