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Best Places To Eat In Auckland

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  June 28, 2017

Whether you’re an ardent foodie with a passion for sampling dishes from the very best restaurants in the world or just want to tuck into some delicious, hearty and affordable food with your friends, you’re going to be spoilt for choice in Auckland. These restaurants and eateries all make it on to our best of South Island New Zealand list, so we reckon you should prepare to feel a little bit peckish in 3…2…1…

Best Aukland restaurants - Burgers, pizzas and more to try

Burger Burger

We’ll give you three guesses as to what you’ll find on this menu. In all seriousness though, they’ve mastered everything from hearty beef to veggie-friendly options, so if you love burgers, this place is unmissable.

Stumpy’s Pizza

There’s something extra special about a made-to-order wood fired pizza, and Stumpy’s are some of the very best in the whole of New Zealand. Crisp, smoky and chewy all at the same time, the lashings of perfectly melted cheese ensure every mouthful of this pizza will be simply unforgettable.

Bian Sushi

Are you ready to sample the very best sushi in the whole of Auckland? A big claim, we know, but you won’t be disappointed. We’re sure of it! Oh, and don’t forget to order plenty of their house tartare sauce because it’s out of this world incredible.

Ramen Do

Because, quite simply, sometimes nothing less than a hearty and extremely affordable bowl of ramen will do!

Topping Our Best Of South Island New Zealand List: Cassia

This modern Indian bistro has recently been crowned the top restaurant in Auckland for the second year running. So, you know it’s going to be top notch! Twinkly lights set the ambience perfectly and all the dishes are incredible. Order what you fancy at the time and you won’t be disappointed.


Sitting in second place just behind Cassia as Auckland’s restaurant of the year is Cazador, a family-owned establishment that specialises in sustainable cooking. The unique menu is perfectly complemented by the laid-back atmosphere. Quintessentially Kiwi, you won’t want to miss out on this stunning dining experience!

Best of New Zealand's South Island - Where to eat and drink in Auckland

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