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On the Road To Cleaner Air: 10 Eco-Friendly Travel Hacks

By Alicia Sharp
on  January 22, 2019

Crystal clear beaches, fresh mountain springs and rolling hills carpeted in native bush; drifting away into the horizon and soaking up the fresh air among New Zealand’s natural landscapes, are just a few of the priceless highlights that come with travelling in the country. And the endless opportunities to experience feeling close to nature on an NZ tour is inspiration enough to start making more eco-friendly travel choices. Which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you get more savvy about responsible travel before you depart on your New Zealand small group tour.

Because we know it can feel overwhelming when it comes to making the right choices, we’ve put together 10 eco-friendly travel hacks so you can enjoy an eco-friendly holiday adventuring through New Zealand. Here’s everything you need to know to release your inner eco-warrior and embrace New Zealand sustainable travel!


#1 Say No To Plastic Straws

With bamboo, glass and stainless steel options on offer, it’s not difficult to say no to plastic straws anymore. Remember to say no to plastic straws when you’re dining out or going out; be responsible travel savvy and slip one in your backpack or handbag and carry on you wherever you go.

#2 Use A Refillable Drinking Water Bottle

While travelling in some parts of the world requires water sterilisation, here in NZ drinking water is readily available. It’s possible to drink tap water pretty much everywhere you go so you won’t need those on a Wild Kiwi tour. And with heaps of options available on the market be sure to invest wisely. Vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles are among our faves as they keep cold drinks cool and also take hot liquids.

#3 Avoid Drinks In Plastic Bottles (Beer Anyone?)

Sometimes, being an eco-warrior is just about making the right choices. While our favourite soft drinks usually appear in a plastic bottle on the shelves, beers are packaged in recyclable cans and glass bottles. So that sundowner beer on the beach finally gets the thumbs up we think! If you’re after a soft drink, choose canned or glass bottled drinks and dispose of the bottles responsibly.

#4 Refillable Cups For Coffee

If you love coffee, you won’t feel out of place in New Zealand because the Kiwis love their coffee; from quirky little surf cafes to mobile coffee stations in off the beaten track locations, stopping off for a flat white is always an option. Although some plastic lids are now marked as “compostable” they are still likely to take years and years to decompose. So sip smart and bring a reusable coffee cup.

#5 Say No To Plastic Bags

Stopping by the local supermarkets for snacks or spending up large on souvenirs is inevitable, so be sure to carry a reusable tote bag with you. Most supermarkets also have cardboard boxes for you to pack your shopping in case you forgot your tote bag.


#6 The “Where Do I Put My Wet Stuff” Dilemma

So you just said no to plastic bags – now where to put your wet gear? We’re all guilty of choosing a plastic bag as the easy option, but with ever growing concerns around single-use plastic – and the potential eradication of it in the future – now is a good time to start using an alternative; in this case why not try a dry bag? Providing protection against everything else in your pack but also doubling up as a bag you can take kayaking or paddle boarding, investing in a dry bag is a long-term choice for your wet gear and water-based activities!

#7 Shampoo & Soap Bars

Choose shampoo and soap bars instead of plastic bottle toiletries. You may have to hunt around in organic stores, organic cosmetic shops or surf boutiques but there are options on the market so be sure to choose plastic-free when it comes to toiletries.

#8 Bamboo Toothbrush

And while we’re on your wash bag… Swap out that plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one as an eco-friendly option.

#9 BYO Cutlery

No longer reserved for camping adventures only, it’s time to embrace BYO cutlery! With a selection of reusable bamboo and stainless steel cutlery on the market, not only has this move become really accessible but it’s so simple… Perfect for those fush ’n’ chups at sundown on the beach.

#10 Pick Up Whenever You Can

If you see stray rubbish on the beach, hiking trails or anywhere you may visit on your NZ tour, just pick it up and pop it in the next bin you come across. We can all do our own little bit to help along the way and, unless you’re somewhere super remote, New Zealand is set up well with bins in public areas.

So now that you’re all geared up for being an eco-friendly traveller, you’ve just got to lock in that epic New Zealand Wild Kiwi Tour!

Got some additional eco-friendly travelling tips to share? Leave us a comment below!


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