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4 Things You’ll Learn During Your New Zealand Skydive

By James Baker
on  July 20, 2018

As well as all the important need-to-know info you’ll be given before you put on your suit and take to the skies, here are just a few other things you’ll learn if you complete a skydive during your New Zealand road trip!

Wild Kiwi Guests Skydiving

Birds Have Got A Pretty Sweet Deal

Okay, so you may be thinking that you get a bird-like experience. And you’d be right. But only sort of. There’s just something inimitable about the rush of the wind through your hair (and your face – those pictures are going to be SO good!) that makes you feel so free and so alive!

New Zealand Is STUNNING

Almost everyone knows New Zealand is ridiculously beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, we still sometimes struggle to see how it’s actually real. But it is. And believe us when we tell you that you’ll get to see some of the very best views as you soar through the skies.

Do Something Unexpected On Your New Zealand Road Trip

You won’t be alone if you’ve never even remotely considered tackling a skydive before. You may even have declared that it’s something you wouldn’t do in a million years. And it’s completely okay if you never do. But if you do find yourself slowly changing your mind, or at least contemplating the thought of changing your mind, it’s important not to hold yourself back. Trust that you can make the best choices for yourself and go for them. And yes, it’s totally okay to be a bit scared!

And Finally, You’re Braver Than You Think!

And yes, you’re still brave even if you were petrified throughout the whole experience! It takes a lot to get up there and jump out of a plane and so, as well as experiencing the incredible thrill and stunning views, feel safe in the knowledge that, as cheesy as it sounds, you really can do anything you set your mind to!

Skydiving In Taupo

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