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Insta Perfect: Wild Kiwi’s Top 10 Insta Spots In New Zealand

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  February 13, 2019

Epic scenery, adventurous activities and awe-inspiring moments; New Zealand is a country you couldn’t possibly forget in a hurry. Whether you’re gazing in awe at the perfect reflection of the NZ Southern Alps in a huge lake, jumping off rugged rocks into turquoise waters or journeying into Middle-earth… One experience is unlike another in Aotearoa (Māori for New Zealand). Meaning that memories – and your Insta-feed – are sure to be full of colour, energy, nature, adventure and good vibes. Tick!

And because our local guides love to show you on and off the beaten track locations, you’re sure to have a colourful mix of experiences and places to share on the gram, all while visiting some of the best Insta locations New Zealand has to offer. So, to help stoke your #wanderlust and choose your next travel destination, we’ve put together a list of the Wild Kiwi Top 10 Insta spots in New Zealand currently hashtagging, liking and sharing their way through the ‘gram. Plus, we’ve included our top New Zealand tours that’ll see you travelling there.

#1 Lake Tekapo

You might recognise the bright purple lupins which steal the show in this shot because they are doing the round on the ‘gram. And for good reason. The pristine natural beauty, colours, reflections and natural forms that Mother Nature has to offer at Lake Tekapo are on point in almost every type of light, meaning this is a location that adventurers and photographers alike love to take in through the lens.

Go there: 7-Day Southern Voyager, 14-Day NZ Explorer, 21-Day NZ Discovery

#2 Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove might be famed for its large triangular cave which creates an archway between two secluded bays, but there’s other Insta-ops on offer along the way. Hike past pristine bays or take a kayak around the coastline; get your shot for the gram either in front of the famous natural archway and rock formations or gazing down from the headland above.

Go there: 7-Day Northern Voyager, 14-Day NZ Explorer, 21-Day NZ Discovery

#3 Wanaka

A little less-known NZ top Instagrammable location is just outside Wanaka are the Blue Pools; these pools of deep, pristine water flow in the Makarora river and offer a moment of tranquillity for yourself and your Insta-feed.

Go there: 21-Day NZ Discovery

#4 Hobbiton

Journey into Middle-earth and capture the perfect Insta-shot to go with it. Whether you want to convey movie magic and stay out of the frame or you want a snap of yourself sat outside Bilbo Baggins’ house, get yourself to Hobbiton and dapple your feed with a little fantasy.

Go there: 7-Day Northern Voyager, 14-Day NZ Explorer, 21-Day NZ Discovery

#5 Lake Tarawera

*Insert yourself on the end of this jetty*

Dreamy, isn’t it? This little jetty over Lake Tarawera in Rotorua is oh-so grammable; whether you want yourself snapped walking into the distance or just want to gather all the natural surroundings, colours and reflections as it looks to your eyes. You’re guaranteed a tranquil experience in nature with your fellow Wild Kiwi wanderers to crack that shot.

#6 Hokitika

One for the action cam lovers… Featuring rugged terrain and these stunning turquoise waters, you’ll want to be jumping in with a selfie stick in your hand to add a bit of adrenaline into your Insta-feed!

Go there: 7-Day Southern Loop, 14-Day Big South, 14-Day NZ Adventurer, 21-Day NZ Discovery

#7 Aoraki Mount Cook National Park

Pretty much every shot appears Insta-worthy here, thanks to the dramatic natural surroundings. And among the most famous NZ top Instagrammable locations. Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is home to New Zealand’s largest mountain, Aoraki / Mt Cook. And on a clear day, this undulating alpine region will have you wanting your picture taken… #NoFilter needed. 

Go there: 7-Day Southern Voyager, 14-Day NZ Explorer, 21-Day NZ Discovery

#8 Huka Falls

Tucked away in the bush between Taupo and Rotorua lie the crashing, thundering Huka Falls; appearing turquoise in colour and fast flowing, the falls are pretty Boomerang-able. Take a selfie, gaze into the distance or just capture the epic beauty of the falls through the lens.

Go there: 7-Day Northern Voyager, 14-Day NZ Explorer, 21-Day NZ Discovery

#9 Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Manual settings at the ready, you’ll need some basic photography skills (and probably a tripod too!) to get this photo up on the gram. But being able to share the magic of Waitomo Glowworm Caves with your followers is sure to get some ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ in your comments.  

Go there: 7-Day Northern Voyager, 14-Day NZ Explorer, 21-Day NZ Discovery

#10 Raglan

Well-known for its long left-hand surf break, Raglan is a little town on the west coast which is sure to bring the beach feels and great coffee shops. But we’ll take you to a few local spots just to get a really well-rounded feel of what Raglan has to offer. Action cam at the ready… Will you do it for the gram?!  

Go there: 7-Day Northern Voyager, 14-Day NZ Explorer, 21-Day NZ Discovery

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