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Making Friends As A Solo Traveller

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  June 01, 2018

Embarking on a solo adventure can be both liberating and slightly daunting. Making new friends on your New Zealand holidays is all part of the experience and isn’t something you should be concerned about. Here are a few of our top friend-making tips to help you form some super-meaningful connections throughout your trip.

Find new pals on a New Zealand holiday - Tips to make the most of your trip

Don’t Limit Yourself

Solo travel provides a taste of freedom like no other. It’s the perfect way to let go of all your reservations. Step out of your comfort zone and say yes to new experiences. Be who you want to be.

Bond With Your Bus Mates On Your New Zealand Holidays

Curating a banging playlist and bringing along a deck of cards are two ideal ways to kick-start the bonding process. Also taking an interest in your fellow road trippers, and asking questions about them, is more than enough to set you on the path to making new BFFs.

Remain Open To New Connections

Travelling with an open mind immediately unlocks new doors and opportunities. As New Zealand is a hub of creative, free-spirited, and super-friendly individuals – if you’re open to striking up conversations, it won’t be long before your social circle expands beyond your wildest dreams.

Break Bread And Let The Conversation Flow

There’s something about sharing food that helps to forge meaningful friendships that last a lifetime. From dining in some of New Zealand’s most celebrated restaurants to clinking glasses on a wine tasting tour, there are a wealth of food and drink-related bonding activities you can partake in throughout your road trip.

Take Part In An Activity, Event, Or Class

From laughing at shared watersports mishaps to celebrating successfully completing a once-in-a-lifetime bungee jump. It’s no doubt shared experiences are an incredible way to make new pals.

Form friendships on your travels - Engage in activities to get to know people better

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