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Get Ready To Meet These Cute Critters On Your New Zealand Road Trip

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  June 19, 2017

One of the best parts about New Zealand holidays is the incredible wildlife that you’ll have the opportunity to see!

Hit the road to see NZ's wildlife - Tours that take in natural wonders

Little Blue Penguin

Slate blue in colour, these penguins spend their days fishing out in the ocean or tending to their chicks in sheltered inlets. And yes, these little guys are as cute as their name suggests!

New Zealand Fur Seal

Expert divers, New Zealand fur seals can hold their breath for approximately 11 minutes and dive for more than 200m. They move through the ocean with grace, feeding on conga eels, octopus and squid.

Pekapeka Bat

They may only be between 6 and 7 cm long, but they have a huge wingspan of up to 30cm. Emerging from their roosts around 20 minutes after sunset, Pekapeka bats spend a large portion of their nights foraging on the forest floor for their favourite treats.

Weka Bird

This flightless bird is iconic in New Zealand and they’re known for being highly charismatic and inquisitive. Famous for stealing vegetables and eggs from homes, Weka birds have even been known to steal dog food directly from unsuspecting pup’s bowls!


Their name is a Maori word, which means ‘peaks on the back’ and although they look very lizard like, they’re actually the only surviving species of the Rhynchocephalia group of reptiles that walked the earth with the dinosaurs. The oldest Tuatara fossils are 180 million years old!

Kea Parrot

Found in the Southern Alps, as fewer than 40% live beyond the age of 1 the Kea is now unfortunately a vulnerable species. Their name comes from their loud warning call, but they’re actually very playful and inquisitive, and getting to see one in real life is always a very special experience.

The Kiwi Bird Makes New Zealand Holidays Extra Special

We know you know what a kiwi bird is, but we couldn’t not include New Zealand’s most iconic critter, could we? Undeniably adorable, meeting this beautiful species of bird will easily be one of the highlights of your trip.

New Zealand holidays - See the creatures that make this country special

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