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This Is The Most Instagram-worthy Country In The World

By Louise Burton
on  October 01, 2019

Great open roads, awe-inspiring natural formations, rugged landscapes, sunrises and sunsets that display all of the hues of oranges reds and pinks, abundant wildlife, a whole range of weather conditions and sunshine aplenty to go round all at once… The list could go on. Australia is the most Instagram-worthy country in the world. 

Really it is. There’s proof.

Thanks to its popular hashtags and geolocations on Instagram, Australia has taken the top spot as the world’s most Instagrammable country according to Big7 Travel’s 2019 survey. The survey analysed destinations around the world that accounted for the highest number of hashtags in the past 12 months. And Oz came out on top.  

With an Insta-worthy spot around every corner, we thought we’d share a few of our favourites to help you plan your trip to take in the top Instagram spots in Australia. We’ll let you into a few little secrets (locations) that are sure to make your Insta notifications go off the chart. And we can guarantee it won’t take too many of these destinations to make all your followers inspired to jump on a flight to come and join the adventure with you!

Great Barrier Reef

One of the most popular Australia Instagram spots, and one of the natural wonders of this planet, the Great Barrier Reef makes for some seriously awesome Insta content. While cruising around the surface of the region is stunning in itself, it’s the underwater world that’ll really add a unique perspective to your feed. We’d recommend bringing a camera that you can use underwater to document all the epic coral formations and marine wildlife. 

Snorkel at Great Barrier Reef

Byron Bay Lighthouse

If you search this location on the ‘gram, you’ll probably realise you’ve seen it pop up somewhere in your explore feed before. The white lighthouse, that sits atop a cliff overlooking the Tasman Sea, is an iconic location. It makes for the perfect backdrop or focal point, to your photos depending on your Insta-feed style. Try a sunrise shot for extra likes!  

Hunter Valley

Australia’s famed wine region, the Hunter Valley makes for a dramatic backdrop to any of your photos. Get amongst the vineyards for those seemingly never-ending, walking-into-the-distance style shots or stop at a viewpoint that overlooks the region to take in the beauty from afar. Then get up close and personal with a glass of your favourite white and make the most of Boomerangs in your stories. 

Hunter Valley with Wild Kiwi

Spot X

Nestled on the coast south of Byron Bay, this locally owned and operated surf camp is a Wild Kiwi secret spot. Think dreamy shots with a surfboard under your arm, beautiful waves at sunrise or showing the world that you can catch a wave. This setting is sure to inject some of those surf-lifestyle feels to your photos and your feed. 

Whitsunday Islands 

Imagine every shade of turquoise – and some more – these balmy waters are set against dramatic white sand beaches. Get creative with your water shots; action shots jumping off the boat, landscape shots of the dramatic ocean-scape with sand spits to break up the composition and dreamy sunrises and sunsets reflecting all kinds of colours off the water’s surface. The Whitsunday Islands are a tropical turquoise paradise, and a sailing adventure here with Wild Kiwi is sure to make your Instagram pop!

Experience the Whitsundays with Wild Kiwi

4X4 Beach Adventures on Fraser Island

It doesn’t get much more adventure travel Insta-worthy than a 4×4 parked up on a rugged beach, mates hanging out the sides, and tyre skids snaking through the sand with wild waves crashing onto shore in the background… 

Lake Mackenzie

And while we’re on Fraser Island, you’ll want to prep yourself for arrival at Lake Mackenzie. Turquoise water lapping onto a sand beach, fringed with ancient tropical rainforest… Sounds dreamy right? Taking a dip in the fresh and pristine Lake Mackenzie is a must-do and a must-post-to-Insta afterwards!  

Lake Mackenzie

Noosa Heads, Noosa 

Crystal clear waters, subtropical flora, sunshine aplenty; this is one seriously Instagrammable spot. Whether you like to take your photos through the trees looking out to sea, watch the waves or try your hand at surfing with your action-cam, Noosa is sure to offer some dreamy shots for the grid.

Josephine Falls, Cairns

Action cam, DSLR, point-and-shoot, smartphone; take our advice and prepare all of your cameras for Josephine Falls in Cairns, because the ultimate adventure-style ‘gram snap is a sure capture here. Whether you get amongst the action and slide down the falls, enjoy a relaxing swim or simply gaze in awe at the stunning natural beauty of the swimming hole – this place is sure to add a splash of lush green forest and freshwater adventures to your feed.

Natural Rockslide in Cairns, Josephine Falls

If that’s got you frothing to add a splash of Aussie adventure into your Insta-feed, head to Wild Kiwi’s Australia tours which are sure to take you there.

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