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5 Ways A Trip To New Zealand Can Heal A Broken Heart

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  August 25, 2018

We’re being totally sincere when we say that a New Zealand road trip is heart-healingly incredible. Let us explain…

New Zealand holidays to clear your head - Get over your heartbreak

Perspective And Reflection

It’s difficult to heal when you’re surrounded by memories. Taking yourself away from everything familiar for a little while will give you the space you need to properly process everything. Sometimes you’ve got to lose yourself to find yourself, you know?

Allow A Wild Kiwi Tour To Be A Beautiful Distraction

As well as reflecting on where you are on your life path, it’s super important not to overthink things. Letting your mind wander and your soul refresh is a core part of the healing process and tbh there aren’t many places we could name that will allow you to do this in such incredible surroundings.

Open Your Mind And Heart To New Possibilities

Dwelling is a no-no. Sure, it’s totally fine to wallow for a little while, but you deserve more. You deserve to feel inspired and excited to explore newness. So, let’s go stargazing in National Parks and let’s hike across glaciers, dance all night long and soak in every sunrise and sunset. Because, why not?

Learn To Trust Yourself And Your Decisions

While you might not believe this right now, you will in time: you are already enough and an exciting future is right in front of you. Now is the time to trust your judgement and let yourself live.

The Restorative Power Of Travel Is Unbeatable

From learning a new skill or uncovering a passion you didn’t know you had, to meet a group of like-minded people who will make each day an absolute joy to live, we challenge you to join a Wild Kiwi Tour and not emerge renewed on the other side. You’re amazing just as you are, but New Zealand has a way of creeping into the soul and amplifying every positive facet of your personality.

See the world in a new light in New Zealand - Rediscover yourself

Let the healing begin on a soulful and incredible Wild Kiwi tour!

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