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Reasons Why New Zealand Is The 8th Happiest Place In The World

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  May 10, 2017

New Zealand comes in at number eight on the 2017 edition of the World Happiness Report. Ranked on factors including freedom, health, income and honesty, one Wild Kiwi adventure is all it will take to have you saying, ‘yep, I get it now!’

Reasons why New Zealand rocks - Gorgeous views

The Landscapes

Everywhere you look is so picture perfect, New Zealand is like stepping into a dream you never want to leave. From snow covered mountains and volcanic terrain to spectacular lakes and miles upon miles of glorious sandy beaches, your eyes are in for a treat whichever way you look.

The Outdoor Lifestyle

Many locations in New Zealand will fill you with the most incredible sense of peace and tranquillity. From awesome trails, hikes, skiing, skydiving, to water sports and so much more, it’s scientifically impossible to ever get bored. Honestly though, in a country where you can quite literally hike around Mordor from the Lord of the Rings, what’s not to love?

The Wildlife

Have you ever seen that video of a kakapo attempting to mate with Mark Cawadine? If you haven’t, you must because it’s hilarious, and if you have, doesn’t the thought of seeing a kakapo in real life fill you with joy? Unfortunately, the world’s largest species of parrot is critically endangered. So that means, if you see one it is profoundly good for the soul. And no, that’s not an overstatement.

Culinary Delights

Fresh seafood, delicious locally made wines and world famous New Zealand lamb, plus some of the most accomplished chefs in the world, equals some of the best food you will ever have the pleasure of eating. Our top tip: always stop for brunch!

Incredible People Waiting To Make Your Wild Kiwi Adventure Special

A famously friendly bunch, New Zealander’s have worked hard to form a solid and prosperous society. With everyone working hard and playing hard, they’ve got this whole work/life balance worked out. And we reckon we can all benefit from a little taste of the New Zealand magic.

Community spirit on New Zealand tours - Meet up with great locals

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