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New Zealand Slang That Might Come In Handy On Your Adventure

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  May 19, 2017

Grab your jandals and the chilly bin, we’re going on a tiki tour to our batch in the wop-wops. You might think you’ve already got communication down on your Wild Kiwi adventure, but you should never underestimate how just a few slang words can stand between you understanding what on earth someone just said!

Get your mouth around some NZ slang terms - Understand the local lingo


Refers to the national bird, a New Zealander or the country itself, but definitely not the fruit. You don’t want to proclaim that you want to eat a kiwi. You definitely mean you want to eat a kiwifruit!

Chilly Bin (A Fave Slang Term at Wild Kiwi HQ!)

It’s exactly what it says it is: a drinks cooler! We love when slang terms are infinitely better than an item’s actual name.

The Wops / Wop-Wops

Another of our favourite terms, if you were to end up in the wop-wops you’d find yourself out in the middle of nowhere, i.e out in the sticks.

Togs And Jandals

Grab your togs, we’re going swimming! Togs are swimming clothes and jandals are flip flops.

The Dairy

You might nip to the dairy late at night when searching for something to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s a local shop/convenience store.

Tiki Tour

A trip with no specific end destination in mind, or taking the scenic route to wherever you’re going to make the most of the sights.


Pronounced ay, you’ll typically hear this at the end of a sentence when a direct question hasn’t been asked but an answer/confirmation is expected. ‘It’s hot today, eh?’

Sweet As



Pronounced batch, a small beach house or holiday home. The perfect place to escape to for a party!

Pack A Sad

You won’t have to worry too much about this one, as having a tantrum or feeling moody is pretty much impossible on a Wild Kiwi adventure!

Also, lollies are sweets, an L&P is a bit like weak fizzy lemonade, something ‘Choice!’ is great, and if someone asks you to bring a plate, take something delicious and shareable!

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