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The Types Of People You’ll Get To Meet On Your Road Trip

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  October 09, 2017

From like-minded individuals to those who, in the best possible ways, challenge everything you thought you knew, you’ll quickly find that it’s the people who make your New Zealand holidays extra special.

New Zealand adventures and the people who make them special - Find new friends when you travel

The Optimist

The eternal optimist finds beauty and joy in absolutely everything. And their optimism is sure to rub off on even the most committed cynic. Even if you’re not feeling your best, a few minutes of their company will assure you everything is okay. They’ll remind you to enjoy life while you experience some incredible things on your road trip.

Learn From The Travel Aficionado On Your New Zealand Holidays

The travel enthusiast has the strongest packing game that you’ll probably ever encounter. Confident and wise, you should definitely soak in every travel tip and nugget of knowledge they’re up for sharing.

The Musician

Charming and always willing to bust out some tunes around a camp fire or on the beach, the musician brings people together. They provide the environment to form a group bond, which makes the entire adventure that extra bit special.

The Life And Soul Of The Party

Charismatic and determined to live life to its fullest, you’ll quickly wonder where they get all their energy from. First to volunteer for every experience, there won’t ever be a dull moment with their outrageous stories and riotous laughter when you’re out on the road!

The Photographer

With a camera always in hand, the photographer will always be more than willing to help you snap the perfect pic for your socials and definitely knows how to capture the best group shots you’ll treasure forever!

Get to know new people on New Zealand holidays - Find out about yourself and others in exciting scenarios

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