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Travelling New Zealand In 2019: Everything You Need To Know

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  November 08, 2018

Wander into the wilderness, breathe in some of the freshest air in the world and experience some seriously epic pieces of paradise that Mother Nature has to offer… With mountains to climb, trails to hike, beaches to run wild on, waves to splash around in, hot springs to relax in and countless awe-inspiring views to soak up; it almost sounds unreal, doesn’t it? But it is real. In fact, all of this exists in a small country located between the Tasman sea and the almighty Pacific Ocean – New Zealand.

Visiting New Zealand in 2019 is a must for all those who love to get lost in travel and roam into new, wild adventures. So, get ready for adventures that’ll leave you buzzing, forests so green and overgrown you’ll wonder if the dinosaurs are still roaming around.  As well as views that’ll leave your jaw dropped so low your mouth will go dry. Don’t worry, there’s a craft beer round most corners to help with that…

This ultimate travel guide is packed full of information to help you plan your Wild Kiwi adventure; including the must-visit destinations, adventurous activities, an introduction to local Maori culture and route guides to help you find your bearings. So, read on and prepare to be inspired for some seriously awesome adventures.

Destination Hot List

Introducing 7 beautifully epic locations not to be missed on your New Zealand tour, accompanied by a few photos which are guaranteed to give you a serious dose of wanderlust.

#1 Queenstown

Known as the adrenalin capital of New Zealand, Queenstown is sure to have you diving into new adventures from skydiving to jet boating and canyon swinging. If that’s not enough, the entire area is full of epic natural scenery including mountains and lakes.



#2 Rotorua

Renowned for its hot springs and bubbling mud pools, Rotorua is the geothermal centre of New Zealand. Once you’ve seen Mother Nature doing her thing, get out of town and take your adventure; choose from luging and rafting to mountain biking in the almighty Redwood forest and visiting the world-famous movie set of Hobbiton.


#3 Kaikoura

Most famous for its abundance of sea life, the coastal town of Kaikoura is the perfect stop for year-round whale watching and swimming with dolphins and seals. So, get out on those seas and get up close with New Zealand’s incredible sea life!

#4 Coromandel

In addition to stunning beaches winding through the hills on this peninsula, prepare to be dazzled by some seriously clear water and amazingly refreshing coastal walks. And the best bit is you can enjoy it all year round.


#5 Mount Cook

Towering over the National Park at a whopping 3,724m, the sacred Aoraki – as it’s known to the Maori – is the highest peak in New Zealand. With short walks, glacier hikes and stargazing on offer, enjoying the stunning scenery of Mount Cook and surrounding national park area is a must for any visit to NZ.


#6 Milford Sound

This epic national park is deservedly a UNESCO listed site… As soon as you enter Milford Sound, you’ll see why; dolphins, waterfalls and mountains make up just some of the stunning scenery alongside the dramatic Fiords.


#7 Franz Josef

The stunning formations that make up the Franz Joseph Glacier are thousands of years old – and as Maori legend has it – were made from a lost lover’s tears. You’re sure to gaze in awe at the epic landscape as you explore by hike or helicopter (or both!).

9 Adventurous Things To Do In New Zealand In 2019

Doing something crazy in NZ is essential; whether hiking along coastal trails, black water rafting through caves, or bungying off the side of a bridge. New Zealand is the home of adventure so get ready to get active!

#1 Mountain Biking

Throw yourself down epic MTB trails or stick to navigating the beginner’s loops; even if you’ve never done it before, you’re sure to experience the thrill of the ride. Be sure to take in the epic forest scenery as you go (but keep your eyes on the trail!).

Where: Rotorua, Queenstown


#2 Surfing

There’s approximately 15,000km of coast in NZ, so there’s plenty of opportunities to surf. Moreover, Raglan offers one of the world’s longest left-hand breaks which pumps most of the year due to its sheltered location. When the conditions are right, the mellow break offers the perfect setting for taking a surf lesson.

Where: Raglan, Westport

#3 Rafting

You’re sure to be squealing with laughter as you soar down bubbling rapids on a rafting adventure; go hard on the white-water rafting of the highest commercially raft-able waterfall in New Zealand on the Kaituna river. Or head underground on a black water rafting adventure on tubes to take an alternative look at the famous Waitomo cave glow worms.

Where: Waitomo, Rotorua


#4 Skydiving

Ever fancied throwing yourself out of a plane? With some of the best views in the world beneath you, experiencing an exhilarating ride as you freefall from 15,000ft with lakes and mountains below is a once in a lifetime moment. And it’s not to be missed on your New Zealand adventure.

Where: Taupo, Queenstown

#5 Bungy Jumping

How about throwing yourself off a bridge attached to a bungy cord? New Zealand is not only home to the leading bungy company in the world A.J Hackett, but it’s also got a fair few on offer to suit your adrenalin junkie needs. Choose from a mellow 40m drop all the way to the country’s highest at 134m.

Where: Auckland, Queenstown, Taupo

#6 Jet Boating

If you don’t fancy throwing yourself out of a plane or off a bridge, here’s something a little different that’ll get your heart pumping. Hold on tight as you zoom at high speed across the water’s surface, getting lost in rivers and canyons on a jet boating adventure!

Where: Taupo, Queenstown.

#7 Kayaking

Kayaking offers a slightly gentler way to take in the epic scenery of New Zealand as you explore from a new perspective – from the water’s surface. Land in small bays and look down into crystal clear waters, all while strengthening those arm muscles.

Where: Cathedral Cove, Abel Tasman, Franz Josef


#8 Zorbing

Bizarre, but a must-do! Who doesn’t want to dive into a giant inflatable ball and roll down a massive hill? It might sound scary but it’s sure to leave you with a smile planted firmly on your face!

Where: Rotorua

#9 Hiking

As most areas of natural scenic beauty come with a short walk to get there, (anything from five minutes to a few hours) you’ll be sure to get your step count up on your New Zealand tour.

Where: Pretty much everywhere!

Local Māori Culture And Traditions

Although New Zealand is an adventure paradise, its history is rooted deep in the Māori culture. As a result, ancient customs and traditions still thrive today. So why not learn a few local words and some background knowledge.

            Kia ora! – Hello

            Mā te wā – See you / Goodbye

            Aotearoa – New Zealand

            Ka pai – All good

          A few local words for you!


Means ‘family’. Maori people believe family always come first. And, we’re sure you’ll frequently see and hear this word as you travel.


A traditional way of cooking food in an oven dug into the earth, you can even try one of these in Rotorua.


The Kiwis take rugby very seriously, as it does happen to be home to one of the most famous world-class rugby teams on the planet – the All Blacks, who are renowned for their pre-match Haka. This powerful traditional dance performance is quite spectacular!

Find Your Bearings – An Introduction To Wild Kiwi Routes

Wild Kiwi tours offer a pretty sweet as selection of trips, from shorter 7 day trips to longer 21 day trips. But one thing is for sure, every day is guaranteed to be jam-packed full of adventure. So, why not ravel in style in our Mercedes Sprinter cruiser (complete with leather seats and wifi) from destination to destination with your epic local guide.

Tours In North Island

7 Days: Northern Voyager

Stops: Auckland > Raglan > Taupo > Rotorua > Coromandel > Auckland

Tours In South Island

7 Days: Southern Voyager

Stops: Christchurch > Franz Josef > Queenstown > Mount Cook > Christchurch

7 Days: Southern Loop

Stops: Christchurch > Kaikoura > Picton > Abel Tasman > Punakaiki > Hokitika > Christchurch

New Zealand Tours (North & South Island)

14 Days: NZ Explorer

Combination of 7 day Northern Voyager & 7 day Southern Voyager

Stops: Auckland > Raglan > Taupo > Rotorua > Coromandel > Auckland > (Fly to Christchurch) > Christchurch > Franz Josef > Queenstown > Mount Cook > Christchurch

14 Days: Big South

Combination of 7 day Southern Voyager & 7 day Southern Loop

Stops: Christchurch > Franz Josef > Queenstown > Mount Cook > Christchurch > Kaikoura > Picton > Abel Tasman > Punakaiki > Hokitika > Christchurch

14 Days: NZ Adventurer

Combination of 7 day Northern Voyager & 7 day Southern Loop

Stops: Auckland > Raglan > Taupo > Rotorua > Coromandel > Auckland > (Fly to Christchurch) > Christchurch > Kaikoura > Picton > Abel Tasman > Punakaiki > Hokitika > Christchurch

21 Days: NZ Discovery

Combination of 7 day Northern Voyager & 7 day Southern Loop & 7 day Southern Voyager

Stops: Auckland > Raglan > Taupo > Rotorua > Coromandel > Auckland > (Fly to Christchurch) > Christchurch > Kaikoura > Picton > Abel Tasman > Punakaiki > Hokitika > Christchurch > Franz Josef > Queenstown > Mount Cook > Christchurch

Top Tips

Finally, here are a few top tips that’ll help you plan for your New Zealand tour, including how to get around, currency, and a few other top tips you’ll love.


New Zealand Dollar / $1 NZD, you can check the current exchange rate here.

Boot Up!

Did you see the part where we mentioned your step count will go up, up, up? For this reason, be sure to bring a good pair of walking shoes for all those adventures on foot.

Slip Slop Slap

While the climate might seem temperate, the sun is strong. Be sure to bring a good sunscreen. In fact, you can easily get hold of sunscreen at supermarkets here in New Zealand. We recommend nothing less than SPF factor 30 to keep you exploring comfortably.

Weather & Best Time To Visit

The beauty of travelling in NZ is that you can really enjoy it any time of the year. So, if you’re a Summer lover, visit between Dec – Feb (inclusive). Visiting during the Spring and Autumn months, can be equally temperate and beautiful.

Local Sim Card

A local sim card is recommended if you want to be fully connected. The good news is they are inexpensive and easy to get hold of. Check out the mobile providers at the airport when you arrive in the country, or head to a 2 Degrees, Spark or Vodafone store to pick one up.

Ready to explore New Zealand? Check out our all of our New Zealand 2019 routes here.

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