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6 Reasons To Visit New Zealand In Your 20s And 30s

By Wild Kiwi Team
on  August 03, 2018

New Zealand has a lot to offer young travellers and here are a handful of reasons why if you’re a twenty or thirty-something adventurer, culture-seeker, or nature lover you should probably snap up a spot on a Wild Kiwi Tour, like, right now.

Wild Kiwi tours for people of various ages - See this country in your 20s and 30s

New Zealand Consistently Offers The Best Of Both Worlds

Want to revel in amazing nightlife and soak in some seriously impressive scenery? Keen to partake in a culinary tour of award-winning restaurants and scale majestic mountainous landscapes? There aren’t many places that have so much to offer, but New Zealand is one of them.

You’re Still Reckless Enough To Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

From zorbing and zip lining, to sky diving, bungee jumping, and canyon swinging. There’s no better place in which to do some arguably pretty silly but undeniably unforgettable things.

Your Sense of Anticipation Opens Your Mind To An Array Of Possibilities

If the high-adrenaline stuff isn’t your cup of tea, your youthful eagerness to explore will lead you to some unbelievable opportunities. Imagine heli-hiking glaciers, stargazing beneath Mt Cook, and traversing bridges suspended between giant Californian Redwood trees.

You’ll Have No Concept of “Been There, Done That”

You might have seen six New Zealand sunsets already, but you’ll be just as thrilled to see the seventh. You’ll appreciate the small and subtle differences that make every moment deliciously unique.

An ‘On the Go’ Wild Kiwi Tour Excites You

New Zealand is relatively compact, and to soak in all the incredible experiences on offer, we’ll cover a fair amount of ground. But we’re sure you’ll make the on-the-road bits of your trip just as amazing as all the adventurous and super scenic parts.

You’ll Realise Age Is Just A Number

Travel is for everyone, whether you’re young (or old) at heart. We hope you’ll leave us with a sense that anything is possible and that you shouldn’t ever limit yourself because you can – and will – do great things.

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